“Every now and then my partner has boogers that stick out of his nose a little. Other than that, he is well-groomed, and I really love him. Should I point out the boogers to him to protect him from embarrassing

himself in public or is my pointing this out going to hurt him?“ Charlotte, 38

Hello Boogeywoman, if you are afraid to talk to him, just go ahead and get the thing out of his nose.

If I had fingers –  I would do it like this. Or you use your tongue.

I apply the licking technique on myself, and it works fantastically, even in the anal region.

If he’s like „what the fuck, what are you doing?“ you just tell him that in the animal world cleaning one another is a sign of love and affection. If he really loves you, he will lick you, too.

Bon appetit,

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Text: Sabine Magnet
Illustration: Tanja Hirschfeld
Animation: Jochen Hirschfeld