“I think I am addicted to the internet. Or to media in general. I’m checking my smartphone every ten minutes. At least! I am looking something up, reading my emails or scrolling through Facebook or Instagram or whatever, and when I’m not on the smartphone, I’m on my laptop. Often, I operate both at the same time. This is crazy! What can I do to stop this madness?” Sabine, 40

Hey, Junkie, it’s okay.

You can be totally fascinated by something, but it is very important to retain your independence, always.

When you use things differently, and for mundane, boring purposes, you strip them of the importance they have for you.

Use the laptop like you would use a warm-water bottle during your period. Or sit on it if you’re cold. I love to do this; it is super nice.

Interact with the objects in a playful manner.

Place your smartphone at the edge of the table and sniff it thoroughly. It probably smells of plastic of metal, in any case, it will smell unpleasant, and lifeless. Now make your fingers straight and stiff and poke the phone a little so that it juts off the table a little. Repeat the nudging until the device falls on the floor.

Then turn your back on the smartphone and walk away as if this has nothing to do with you. Problem solved.

Hasta la vista,

Our columnist Felipe is a tomcat in his prime whose elegance, looks and sophistication made him an international success – as a model, muse and life coach. Born on the island of Majorca, this prolific feline works as the brand ambassador of Magnet Verlag publishing house and is designing his first jewelry collection. As of recently, Felipe has taken a sabbatical to do charitable work. For The Curvy magazine, he answers user questions from all fields of life.

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Text: Sabine Magnet
Illustration: Tanja Hirschfeld
Animation: Jochen Hirschfeld