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3 1/2 Beauty Resolutions for 2018

And again, like every New Year’s Eve, countless resolutions are made. We’d like to introduce you to beauty resolutions which won’t be broken, promised!

Once Christmas is over, we should go about the resolutions for the new year. Being left unheard anyway. What we forget thereby? Our skin and ourselves! That’s why we’d like to introduce you to 3 ½ beauty resolutions which won’t be broken for sure!


1. Every Evening: Makeup Removal & Cream

No matter the time, you should remove your makeup every evening and stick to your eveing beauty routine. Not only to remove your makeup but also to eliminate the dirt of the day. Double cleansing allows for a thorough skin cleansing, and micellar water helps you to remove your makeup faster. The use of a night cream is highly recommended to moisturize your skin overnight and to support the regeneration.



2. Manicure und Pedicure

A must for real beauties: well-groomed nails, always! For this, you could make an appointment at a cosmetic studio, regular relaxation inclusive because at most places you can enjoy a massage. Or you make yourself comfortable at home and groom you fingernails and toenails while watching your favourite TV series.



3. Regular Hair Salon Visits

Also in the new year, you can experiment with new haircuts, change the colour time and again and use the best shampoos and conditioners. But don’t forget to have your split-ends cut regularly. Like this, your hair regrows healthier and always looks well-groomed even after bold colour experiments and blonde dyes. Schedule an appointment at your hairdresser’s every two to three months to do good to your hair.



3 1/2. More Beauty Time for Yourself

Take some more time for yourself in 2018 to do good to your body. Treat yourself to a special beauty treatment – it may be a facial mask, a regaling hair treatment or a massage. The more you’ll take care of yourself, the better will be the relationship with your own body and your wellbeing. And next year, the beauty topic will be mainly about self-love and about embracing your own body.

Translation: Danielle De Bie