Three and a half tips for beautiful teeth

What makes a smile more beautiful? Pearly-white teeth, of course.
In only five seconds, people decide if the person they meet is likable or not. A smashing pearly-white smile makes a person more attractive and appealing – and it can easily save a day! Therefore, we give you three and a half tips to embellish your teeth. A beauty topic that should be taken seriously due to its health aspects.


1. Dental Care Basics

We all know that two to three times a year we should see our dentist for a preventive check-up. He removes the dental plaque, thoroughly cleans your teeth for your smile feels fresh and pearly-white again. At home, brushing your teeth as well as using mouthwash and dental floss daily is as important. It’s fundamental, the be-all and end-all of beautiful teeth.


2. Oil Pulling

The practice descends from Ayurveda. Before brushing the teeth in the morning, one tablespoon of oil is “pulled between the teeth” for app. 15 minutes. This technique absorbs and kills bacteria and balances the oral flora – it also prevents bad breath. It’s essential to use cold-pressed natural oils – coconut oil for example. Most people report that their teeth became stronger and significantly whiter. Just give it a try and include the oil pulling into your morning routine.



3. Bleaching

The most effective method is natural bleaching. There are several techniques. For a visible result, we recommend you consult your dentist. He can advise how many nuances are possible and advisable. Especially within a dental treatment, bleaching can be gentle and effective. On top of that, there is toothpaste having a rather minimal bleaching effect and strengthening the tooth enamel.


3 1/2 Lipstick

The fastest-working tip is very colourful. Wearing lipstick makes your teeth shine brighter. Especially red and darker colours provide a strong contrast that lets them seem whiter. Mind lipstick stains on your teeth though… a little ain’t enough to crack your smile.

Translation: Danielle De Bie