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5 Hair Favourites

It may take years until you’ve found the right hair routine. It starts with the shampoo and ends with the perfect brush. Not even to mention the hairstyle. Therefore, I’d like to introduce you to my five favourite products – without these, my hair wouldn’t survive.

The Right Brush

Hair care starts with brushing the hair in the morning. Therefore, it’s nuts and bolts to have a quality brush that does neither overstrain your hair nor the scalp and, at the same time, feels comfortable with every stroke. It should be able to detangle long hair while stimulating the circulation of the scalp of those who have short hair. A version made of natural materials is gentle and handy. I brush my hair in the morning to provide it with volume and in the evening to remove the remains of the styling products.

The Perfect Shampoo

Showering means hair care to the max. A good shampoo should be gentle, foam not too much, not too little and, last but not least, answer your hair’s needs. I tried all the shampoos of Aussie, and I’m thrilled. On top of the beautiful smell, the natural ingredients provide the hair with moisture, prevent the scalp from drying out. A small amount is enough to nourish my hair and to revive it.

The Finishing Care

Regardless their length, the hair needs a finishing care, like a rinse or some conditioner. It’s in any case important because the hair gets to shine, is softer and healthier. I massage the product into the ends, and, sometimes, even the scalp with it for an extra dose of moisture. Since I’ve been trying the silver shampoo of Maria Nila, I stick with the brand whose Heal Conditioner has been convincing too.

Some Extra Structure

If your hair is missing volume, this can be fixed, of course. Hairsprays are ideal helpers to achieve great beach looks, for example. You don’t need much for great results, a few simple touches only and your casual look is ready. Especially short hair tends to be flat quickly. With just a few brush strokes, the hair is in shape and gets hold thanks to the spray.

Something to Refresh

It’s commonly known that frequent hair washing is bad for the hair. Dry shampoo is the perfect alternative. Spray on in the morning, blow in all directions with the hair-drier and then just tame with your hands. If need be, you may create some waves with a flat iron to perfect the look. Some apply the dry shampoo on the night before to provide the hair with a better hold in the morning – have you ever tried this?

Translation: Danielle De Bie