Alexia tests: Face De-Buffer For Radiance And Less Wrinkles

Welcome to my first contribution to the new beauty section “Alexia tests”.

Here I will try out gadgets, new products on the market, hair products, make-up and much more for you in regular intervals. I love to try out new things and look forward so exaggeratedly to reporting on them. When I discover something extraordinary in the beauty world, sometimes I can’t bear to hold it in my hands and see what it can do. Can’t you understand? It doesn’t matter. That’s what I’m here for! I will put the products through their paces and report honestly!

Today I checked out RoseGlow’s Face De-Puffer for you:

From the optics it looks very noble in gold, but what can it do?
It is said that the De-Puffer smoothes expression lines, tightens the contours, stimulates lymph flow, restores the skin’s elasticity and improves the absorption of facial creams. The Face De-Puffer needs a battery, because it additionally vibrates and stimulates the blood circulation with 6000 kicks per minute. The head is coated with gold, which has an antibacterial effect on the skin. He promises visible results in 5 minutes.

Let´s try this!

In my how-to video you can see how to use it best and what the end result is.
I only worked one half of my face to have a direct comparison and I have to say that I am thrilled. If you use it often, the effect is certainly stronger. The processed half was considerably tighter and the eye wrinkles have clearly subsided!



From my side I can only recommend the Face De-Puffer, I have linked it to you below. But you have to be quick, because I noticed that the prices on different pages vary and the hype about the tool is just starting. I bought it for about 20 Euro and there is also a sale every now and then.

Have fun trying it out and see you next time!