Beauty Trend: Bronze

The new bronze trend is as good as gold. We’ll show you various ways to put it into practice.

Trends happen in the most diverse segments – so does the copper trend which initially started in interior and is now winning the makeup world. Here, the shade is rather called “bronze”. The models of such fashion brands like Fendi were wearing bronze-shaded makeup on the latest catwalks. Thanks to its versatility it can be simple as well as flashy.


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Bronze for your Eyes

To get familiar with this makeup trend, you could start with a bronze-coloured eyeliner. Little by little you can intensify the look by adding some eyeshadow for example or some brow powder. Depending on the colour of your eyes and your personal taste bronze can be combined with other colour shades. How about bronze coloured eyeshadow and inky black eyelashes?


Bronze for your Complexion

You’d like to take a subtle approach on the trend? Then, bronzer and highlighter are your best companions. With their help, you can easily highlight some features and provide your complexion with a beautiful overall glow. Particularly suitable for lightly tan skin which, thanks to the bronze trend, appears very natural.


Lips shine in Bronz

The look becomes most obvious when worn on the lips. Thanks to its high pigmentation in lipsticks, the colour can show its true potential. To grant the bronze coloured lipstick its full attention, you should keep the overall makeup simple. The application of a base and a top coat is essential for the colour’s long-lasting effect.


Bronze on your Nails

To take up the trend on your nails, you can paint them in soft bronze shades – elegant on either short or long nail. Here again, a suitable top coat is needed to avoid splitting.

Translation: Danielle De Bie