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Beauty Trend: Velvet

Velvet is on the rise – not only in the world of fashion and interior, it’s also taking the beauty market by storm.

Enjoy this velvety and luscious moment when you apply the brand-new velvet trend on your lips, eyes, and nails.


Lips go Velvet

The fantastic lipsticks in the brand-new trend-colours match your lips perfectly.  The velvet look is all about providing them a very smooth appearance as well as a light shimmer. It’s important that your lips are soft before you put makeup on. Therefore, you should nourish and nurture them first, then treat them with a light peeling and much moisture. Thereafter, you may apply the lipstick, fix it with some powder if you like to intensify the velvety effect. Now, apply the lipstick and fix it with some fine powder if you like to intensify the velvety look.


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Velvety Makeup

And of course, the velvety look is not only made for the lips, but also for the face and the eyes. Therefore, a regular peeling is a must – it prevents unevenness and provides a good base coat. Apply the special velvet-makeup with your fingers (which should be thoroughly washed, of course). Thanks to the warmth of the fingertips, the makeup blends perfectly with your skin to provide a beautiful, velvety finish.

Our tip: for the eyeshadow, the use of a primer is necessary to prevent the eyeshadow to clog the eyelid crease and to make the velvet look last longer.

How to wear the Velvet Beauty Trend?

Your makeup shouldn’t look overdone, that’s important. Therefore, you should opt for either eyes or lips in the velvet look – your face may, of course, always have a soft velvety appeal. A velvet outfit is always a perfect match or a very simple one, to set focus on your makeup.