© Alexia Apostolidou

Business Beauty: From 9 To 5 And After

The perfect beauty-look from the office to the after-work party.

Your day-makeup, and especially your office-makeup, doesn’t need much to let you radiate at night. We’ll show you the perfect makeup for any job and any time of the day.


The Complexion

A base that matches your look is essential since It’s supposed to last all day. Therefore, use a primer first and apply it thoroughly. The circular motions stimulate the circulation and provide morning freshness. Then apply the foundation, with your fingers or with a sponge. A concealer helps to cover blemishes or dark circles. Since the look is supposed to look natural, don’t exaggerate.


The Eyes

The complexion provides the perfect base for your Girlboss makeup. Apply a little eyeshadow on the moving lids to accentuate your eyes discreetly and to open them optically. Apply mascara in black or elegant brown and last but not least, brush and draw your eyebrows for framing your eyes.


The Lips

For work, you should opt for nude-coloured lipsticks or a light gloss. The office look shouldn’t be too flashy. And don’t forget your lip care.



Pimp IT UP

Your business look is ready. But how about the after-work glow? You can create it with the help of only three products. And they fit snuggly in your handbag. To pimp up your look for the after-work party your lips need colour! Dark red is best. Then, retouch your eyeshadow, you may blend it towards the eyebrows. Add extra mascara to make your eyes look bigger. And at last the highlighter for the right glow. It works for your lips too, by the way, it makes them look fuller.


And there you go for looking good from 9 to 5 and after! And as always, the matching products can be shopped instantly!

Translation: Danielle De Bie