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Bye, Bye Cellulite!

Never mind: that’s all from cellulite, from now on


What causes Cellulite?

Everyone talks about it and many have already detected it at their own body, 80% of women are affected, after all: cellulite. How it’s caused? Unlike other regions of the body, women’s butts, hips and thighs rather store fat – because of: estrogen. Too generous! Another major role in the whole cellulite drama plays the female connective tissue and the fine texture of the skin. Since the female connective tissue loses elasticity with age, fat can spread more easily and the fatty tissue can penetrate the stick-like tissue binding fibres. The result: the fat presses against the skin and appears as dimples. Additional cellulite malefactors: water retention. The fat deposits prevent the transport of tissue water and lymph. Too much sitting at the office on top impedes the tissue metabolism – no more questions, have you?



How to get rid of cellulite?

Between ourselves… let’s talk turkey: Forget it. Cellulite belongs to the female body, just like the curves at hips, buttocks and breast. It’s nearly impossible, to get rid of it completely. But a healthy diet and sports can help to minimize the nasty dimples.

Let’s get to the best part of this article: the biggest change can be reached quite fast with the help of massages – no starvation, no sweating, comfortably at home. A massage with the “Anti-Cellulite Body Brush” stimulates the blood circulation as well as the lymph flow in the tissue and thus activates the removal. A short-term reduction of the circumference of the thigh is even possible, while a lasting reduction can only be achieved by regular massages.

How does the anti cellulite massage work?

Move the brush with slight pressure from the bottom to the top using circular motions – always towards the heart.

Start with the legs: from the outer part of the right foot up to the lower leg and the to the thigh. Strike the brush in even circles over both gluteal regions and move to the arms. Begin with the palm of the right hand and then move to the inner arm up to the shoulders. Brush your breast slightly in form of a horizontal eight and the belly from the right to the left, clockwise in circles. (Nice side effect: digestion gets also stimulated). After the brush massage best take a shower to wipe away lose skin particles and cream your body. Now, the skin absorbs soothing agents extremely well.


#Dr. Barbara Sturm: Körperbürste Body Brush No. 1“ via niche-beauty.com, ca. 25 Euro.

Translation: Danielle De Bie