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Pssst! Secret Story: Charlotte Kuhrt reveals her Top Ten Beauty Basics

We’re bringing light into the beauty chaos: together with Charlotte Kuhrt of @beautynotsize, we’ll show you the best basics!

Collaborations, special editions, remakes. We get literally inundated with beauty articles. Who can still see the wood for the trees? We put an end to unnecessary amounts and overloads since less is clearly more! For professional hair & makeup artist Charlotte Kuhrt of @beautynotsize the right skin care is nuts and bolts! Her makeup secret for skin glow: basics! That’s why she reveals her top ten beauty basics that should be a must for every woman.


“As a makeup artist, I always carried Bioderma to the set and many colleagues still use it. I don’t use anything else to remove my make-up! It removes makeup thoroughly, silicones as well, and most importantly paraben- and alcohol-free. Therefore, it soothes irritated parts of the skin.”


“A moisturizing cream is a necessity, as well in the morning as in the evening. I recommend the Grown Alchemist Hydra Repair Day Cream by an Australian organic brand. The day cream is light but rich. My favourite care for many years!”


“It’s never too early to pay particular attention to the skin around the eyes because most wrinkles are caused by dryness. The eye cream of Isana is not only the most affordable, it’s also the best eye care! This cream is an essential part of my daily beauty routine.”


“Every woman should carry a facial spray in her handbag. My favourite is Hydra-Mist by Grown Alchemist. By spraying it over your makeup, it helps refresh and tone the face for a trendy glowy skin look. Furthermore, it soothes the cleansed skin before applying your makeup.”


“If a woman wants to invest in a beauty product, my first recommendation is always a good foundation. Many products are not even costly, but a good foundation with SPF is worth the investment. I love Light Wonder Foundation by Charlotte Tilbury because it covers slight flaws while providing an incredibly natural look. And thanks to the shimmering particles it creates the perfect glow.”


“I tend to eye rims and therefore, can’t do without concealer. I sometimes don’t wear any makeup except a little concealer to look fresh. The Ultra Concealer by Make Up Forever is light while having a strong covering effect. I love it!”


“My secret weapon is something that every woman should dare in her everyday life: red lipstick! Red lips provide a fresh and modern look instantly, even if one is not wearing any makeup at all. Beyond that, it’s a great statement to perfect any outfit. My declared favourite is the Special Edition Blake Red by L’Oréal. Fortunately, I laid in a stock. But L’Oréal has many more beautiful red shades on offer, they survive and stay fresh for a long time.”


“The highlighter is a topic for some time past, and as a makeup artist I recommend women to opt for creamy textures, they adapt well to the skin and provide a fresh glow. Powder highlighter always looks kind of ‘made up’, thus artificial, and to me, it rather suits women who like to wear strong makeup or for photo shootings. The Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand is incredibly intense while providing the skin with a natural glow. My last year’s favourite product!”


“My faithful companion for many years and a real allrounder: as an eyebrow angel, lip and cuticle helper, eyelid shine or a helper against dry skin parts – just to name a few things – the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is probably my most used product. A jack-of-all-trades that any woman should make her own!”



“Every Sunday I’m taking the time to give my face a treat. Cup of Coffee by Lush is peeling and mask at the same time and leaves your skin toned and soft. Many people think that peelings are not for dry skin, nonsense, everyone should peel once a week to remove flakes of shed skin and to unclog the pores for a flawless and clear skin.”

Translation: Danielle De Bie

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