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Décolleté Care Essentials

It’s about time to talk about a part of the body that has been neglected for too long.

When it gets to skin care, most people think of their face or body. The in-between part tends to be neglected: the décolleté. A beautiful décolleté provides the look of a t-shirt or a shirt this little extra something. And just with a beautiful piece of jewellery, it can be highlighted. Decolleté care is of importance, beyond cup sizes.


“The art of living is the art of less. It begins with talking and ends with the décolleté.”

Coco Chanel


Why does Décolleté Care Matter?

Like at every part of the body, the skin of the décolleté loses moisture that needs to be restored by the help of the right skin care. Over time, the skin becomes saggy and wrinkled. Anti-ageing should not be underrated because it supports a beautiful décolleté and firms the breast.


Décolleté Care – What to To?

First, you need to understand how significant moisture is for every part of the body and become aware of its long-term effect. Choose a moisturizer which fits the individual needs of your skin. Normal skin requires a light cream to be applied every two or three days. Together with the daily application of your regular body lotion that’s sufficient. Dry skin that yet needs anti-ageing requires a rich cream. It penetrates deep into the tissue to plumps the skin from the inside. Either apply on a daily basis or every two days to ensure the skin is constantly moisturized.


How to Apply Décolleté Care?

Taking time is important. Massage the cream into the skin with circular motion. The circulation is stimulated while the skin gets toned and looks fresher. Begin with the neck and stroke down to the top of the breast – it needs moisture too and regular care reduces stretch marks. It’s essential to not only stroke top down, to prevent the effect of gravity.

Translation: Danielle De Bie