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The Galaxy Trend Shines Bright in the World of Beauty

Let it Shine! Not only in fashion, it’s flying high: the galaxy trend. Shimmer is on the rise in the world of makeup and accessories and takes us to distant beauty planets!

Despite the sure end of the festival season, one trend persists in the beauty and accessory segment – and will be adopted in upcoming fall: thanks to the galaxy motto, we can still enjoy some glitter and glamour in the weeks to come, for this fall, there’s one rule: more is more. With the rise of bronzer and highlighter, sparkling shimmer has become a must in our beauty routine. And now… we add insult to injury!

Subtle, silvery eyeshadow or multicoloured metallic lipstick in galaxy looks … the vast product range offers countless great opportunities take on the trend and to translate it according to personal tastes and choices.

It doesn’t mean that non-experts among you get a raw deal. Sure, the fashion world’s Smokey eyes in silver and violet metallic shades look bold but, the trend is ideally suited for beginners who want to start slowly. Some silver eyeshadow or nail polish and Bob’s your uncle!


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Simple accessories with star pendants or applications picking up the planets give that extra something… and turn your business outfit or your look for a girls’ night out into a galactic eyecatcher in two shakes.

Let’s take you through some of the best in beauty and the world of accessories… ready for you to shop!

Translation: Danielle De Bie

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