The daily portion of vitamin C for the skin


April showers bring May flowers… and, in this case, a boost of freshness to your skin. Clinique has created two new vitamin C cocktails and we don’t want to forget to introduce them to you immediately.
Our body can neither produce its own vitamin C nor store it long-term. Why’s vitamin C so extremely important in terms of beauty? The answers are obvious: because it stimulates numerous metabolic processes making vitamin C one of the best antioxidants, it produces messenger substances, builds connective tissue, enhances the collagen production, influences the hormonal balance and is essential to absorb iron. Therefore, your daily dose of vitamin C is an absolute must!
With these two vitamin C cocktails Clinique makes it even easier to think of our essential daily dose:

1. Fresh Pressed™Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10%“

Its promise:
After the application, the skin is supposed to look tighter, smoother and more even, long-term use reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
How to apply the booster:
Dilute 2 drops in your day or night cream, ideally in a quite neutral serum.

Its effect:
– Molasses dilutes dark pigmentation spots.
– Extracts from mulberry, skullcap and grapefruit work like antioxidants and protect against discoloration.
– Salicylic acid removes excess skin particles and activates cell renewal.
– Sucrose, alga extract, caffeine and betaine protect against irritation. Thus, your skin can fulfil its regular functions.

Clinique recommends:
For the most optimal effect, please use on seven consecutive days. After the first opening, the fresh vitamin C may lose its effectiveness. After only one week the skin is supposed to look more radiant, tighter and smoother and, in case of a long-term application (after about 12 weeks) fine lines and wrinkles should be visibly reduced.

2. Fresh Pressed Renewing Powder Cleanser

A cleansing and refreshment powder with pure vitamin C. It’s supposed to stimulate the skin’s natural cell renewal and to make it more receptive for the following skin care treatments.

Clinique recommends:
apply up to two times daily, ideally in the morning: the skin looks radiant and fresh, refined and more vital. Those keen on a freshness boost at night should remove make-up and cleanse the skin before application. Even if the packaging tries to tempt one to savour its content like sherbet powder – hands off! It’s not fit for consumption: foam the powder with water in your hand, massage into your skin, leave to act for a short time then, rinse off with warm water after one minute.

Translation: Danielle De Bie