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DIY: Care for body and skin with homemade products!

Here I present you my 3 Favourites from the beauty kitchen, which will hopefully also inspire you!

Sometimes I stand in the drugstore for a full hour and still haven’t bought anything. Are you also so overwhelmed with the oversupply of care products, the promises they make and the long list of contents that only a chemist can make sense of? I am an absolute beauty junkie and there are fantastic products on the market without which I can’t live anymore, but with some things it is worth putting on the apron and unpacking his DIY skills. So let’s get to it:


1) Cocoa Butter Whip against stretch marks

The Lord has sent this invention! I don’t know how much I’ve lost and gained in the last 10 years, but it’s always fluctuated around 15 kilos. I must say, I don’t have a stretch mark on my body. Of course, stretch marks are also genetically predisposed, but I have always creamed, creamed, creamed. So whether you are slimming or want your skin to remain firm, pregnant or the scale simply shows a few pounds more, treat yourself to the miracle in the glass for stretch marks in addition to exercise.

100 gr. organic cocoa butter
70 ml jojoba oil (alternatively almond oil)
¼ TL cocoa extract
4 gr. Vitamin E <- buy here
20 ml evening primrose oil

Melt the cocoa butter and approx. 70 ml jojoba oil in a warm water bath (do not boil and do not overheat!) and stir in the cocoa extract. Take it off the stove. Slowly stir in the remaining oil and leave to stand for 3-4 minutes. Then fold in the evening primrose oil and vitamin E (super anti-ageing effect and also keeps the whip longer lasting).

Allow to cool for a few hours and whip with a blender like cream. If the mixture is still too thick, simply add a little oil and continue stirring until the consistency fits. This is time consuming, but the result will soon make you forget the trouble.
Then pack them airtight and live a life free of stretch marks


2) DIY deodorant, healthy and effective

Stressful meetings, the sprint to the subway or sweating before the first date: There are countless situations in which we get into a sweat. A few years ago I would have said “Put a good Aludeo on, then you’ll have all day’s rest”. Since I became a non-medical practitioner, I have become smaller-minded about ingredients. Deodorants are something that we women use daily and sometimes even several times a day, so it is worth taking a closer look. Aluminium salts are used as sweat inhibitors in antiperspirants. Excessively consumed, they are suspected of causing breast cancer and promoting Alzheimer’s disease. When there is no aluminium inside, it is often other substances of concern such as petroleum, parabens or substances that weaken our skin barrier. Here I show you two good and healthy DIY deodorants that smell good and really work:

Spray deodorant:
1 spray bottle (old deodorant bottle or an atomizer from the perfume department)
100 ml lukewarm water
10 drops of pure natural essential lime oil (e.g. Primavera) <- buy here
5 drops of pure essential tea tree oil (antibacterial) <- buy here
2 tsp sodium bicarbonate

Mix everything well in a bowl and fill into the atomizer with a funnel. Shake briefly before each use to mix the oil and water. PS. Please do not use water above 60 degrees, as the sodium bicarbonate will decompose.

Roll-on deodorant:
1 ointment jar or empty deodorant roller
2 tbsp organic coconut oil <- buy here
1-2 tbsp sodium bicarbonate
20 g beeswax <- buy here (vegan alternative: soy wax)
1-2 tbsp. cornflour
10 drops of pure natural essential lime oil (e.g. Primavera) <- buy here
5 drops of pure essential tea tree oil (antibacterial) <- buy here
optional: Vitamin E <- buy here

Melt the wax in a water bath. Add the coconut oil, stir and remove from the heat. Add the remaining ingredients while stirring constantly. If you like, you can add a little vitamin E at the end of the day, which nourishes the armpits and makes the deodorant last longer. Allow the mixture to cool slightly and then pour into the desired container. Place in the refrigerator until the mixture has hardened.

3) Overnight hair mask

Soft, long, full, shiny hair – which woman doesn’t want that? We dye, smooth, style, spray, wear caps, are outside in all weathers and heat up the apartment in winter. Our hair has to go through all this and should also remain healthy and hard-wearing. If you feel your hair has given out and is brittle and dull, this do-it-yourself mask is your salvation! Applied once a week, it smoothes the hair structure and makes the hair shine again!

1 tbsp cider vinegar
1 tbsp glycerine <- buy here (or pharmacy)
1 egg
2 tbsp jojoba oil or argan oil <- buy here
2 tablespoons coconut oil <- buy here

Mix the cider vinegar and glycerine. Beat an egg, add and mix. Add oil and coconut oil and whisk with a hand blender until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Apply the mask to the hair, but work only into the lengths and tips. Wrap cling film and a towel over it. The heat supports the penetration of the active ingredients into the hair structure. Leave to work for at least 1-2 hours, but preferably overnight. Then simply wash out and shampoo and style as usual.

And if you still haven’t had enough of doing it yourself, then you can still mix great face peelings from home remedies here! We wish you a lot of fun while becoming even more beautiful 😉