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Dos And Don’ts For Wedding Make-Up

If there is a day when we want to and can look perfect, then it is probably our own wedding day!

Even the most beautiful dress only comes into its own when hair and make-up match. The tastes are different and the ideal bridal look does not exist, but there are a few things to consider. Here come the dos and Don´ts for bridal make-up!

You should definitely do that

Surprise, Surprise! The wedding is all about the bride and groom. When you’re in the spotlight, you should feel beautiful. Since very few of us get married spontaneously, there is enough time for a beauty program. Read here what you have to consider and how you can get the best out of yourself for your big performance.

Set up the make-up plan: How do I want to look at my wedding? Which hairstyles do I like? The best thing to do is to bring all your inspirations to the make-up and make-up test and have it made up and styled right away. Don’t forget to bring a picture of your wedding dress and veil, then the stylist can match everything.

Let your emotions run free! The idea of walking down the aisle brings tears to the eyes of most women (including myself). So that your make-up still sits when you arrive at the altar, don’t forget to use waterproof mascara. Because one likes to forget the most obvious!

I pack my suitcase and take with me… a spaghetti strappy top and a cardigan! This station wagon definitely belongs in the bride’s pocket. What does one have to do with the other? This way you can relax and enjoy your styling appointment, take off your cardigan, wipe the top down and slip into your dress without damaging hair and make-up.


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What you should rather do without

Timeless styling vs. trend make-up: You should be able to recognize yourself at your own wedding (and so should the man!). Many brides want to look either too natural or too dramatic at their wedding. Trendy make-up can be out in a few seasons or years, the pictures and videos remain. Too natural looks without eye shadow or blush can look very pale and flat on pictures and depending on the light to the white dress.

Stinginess is (not) cool: If you save on stylists, you save in the wrong place. I’m not saying that because I’m a make-up artist myself, but because I’d do it the same way at my wedding. A good make-up artist will make you up with an even skin that doesn’t look pasty and will emphasize your eyes and lips so that you come across perfectly in the flesh as well as on the pictures and videos. Have a look at the portfolios, websites and references and if the make-up artist is also a hair stylist, then you can save yourself the detour to the hairdresser. The chemistry between you two must be right. No one will remember the table decorations, but what the bride looked like.

Red lips should be kissed….: Formerly frowned upon, red on the lips of brides is very popular at the moment. Whether in summer as fresh clay or in winter as rich red, the trend is: matt! Matte red tones appear noble and last longer than creamy textures. My tip: Get kiss-proof lipsticks or matt lip gloss. Then nothing more stands in the way of the bride’s kiss at the altar.

Less is more: As Mummy always said: short skirt, closed top, low neckline, long leg. What applies to the dress code also applies to make-up. Either the lips or the eyes are always emphasized, one focus is enough. Both together look overweight to a white dress.