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It’s getting Cold: Cremes from Tip to Toe

As soon as it’s cold outside, we make ourselves at home by turning up the heating or igniting the stove. It’s great for our well-being but not so much for our skin. Because the hot air dries our skin that needs some extra care now. We’ll tell you how to cream your body from tip to toe to keep your skin smooth and soft.


Face and Neck

Maintain your body from top to bottom and begin with your face. Especially here, the skin needs much moisture, but make sure to avoid clogged pores by using lighter emulsions. After cleansing, you may apply a light serum to provide your skin some extra moisture. Apply an active cream then – depending on how dry your skin is.

Important: in winter, you should opt for water-in-oil emulsions. They contain less water that risks freezing at icy temperatures and may cause minor or serious frost damage. The water-in-oil combination avoids this and provides the skin with long-term moisture and hydration.


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Body Care

Body care is not only an issue in summer when arms and legs are visible, it’s a winter essential too. Regular peeling is highly recommended to remove dead skin and to prevent rough spots. Especially the elbows need some extra care in autumn and winter. Use a moisturizing lotion for dry skin that contains caring agents such as oils. Apply and massage your skin gently to strengthen the connective tissue and to stimulate the circulation.


Hand Lotions

Our hands are in constant action and need therefore lots of care. Hand cremes do not only protect the skin, they also stimulate the cell regeneration. Hence, you are welcome to cream your hands whenever you feel the skin is too dry and needs some extra care.


Foot Care

At long last, we get down to the feet, of course. In addition to a regular pedicure, your feet value a good cream. Cream them thoroughly at night, wear thick socks to sleep and let the cream work overnight. This way, your feet can recover to be smooth and soft in the morning.

Translation: Danielle De Bie