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The Eyebrow Trends 2017

This year is about perfect eyebrows. We’ll show you the three major beauty trends of the year at a glance!

When in 2010 Sarah Doukas (founder of the Storm model agency who made a significant contribution to the success of Kate Moss) first discovered Cara Delevigne, above all, the British remembered these bushy eyebrows. It seems that with Cara Delevigny the sought-after eyebrow look has radically changed. What counts: the thicker, the better. Especially this, year we can see the beauties letting them grow to then get them into the right shape. In the most creative manner, as you could learn from our top eyebrow trends.

1. Microblading

In the 90ies, eyebrows were meticulously plucked, some had stray hair even removed by laser. 2017 it’s all the contrary… everyone is looking for full and natural eyebrows.
Actress Lena Dunham filled her eyebrows with the microblading technology. And on her Instagram account she can’t stop raving about her full and natural eyebrows.

What’s Microblading?

The method comes from Asia and could be compared to permanent makeup for eyebrows. With a fine needle hair-like strokes that can hardly be distinguished from real hair are drawn on the skin. It allows to amend and form the eyebrow’s shape – with a super natural finish thanks to the tiny needle. After one year, the colour just fades but the look can be refreshed at a lower price.


2. Feather Brows

So called feather brows got a boost through Instagram and in no time they became an essential 2017 beauty trend. Feather brows look, how could it be otherwise, like feathers, they have a sweet and extravagant appearance. The look’s “creator” is Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen – with the hashtag #featherbrows she set the trend rolling. Under the hashtag, you can also find inspiration for your personal looks – this fairy technique is an eye-catcher at any occasion.


How to achieve feather brows?

For feather brows like those of the pros, you should grow your eyebrows – the thicker they are, the better it is. To achieve the look, you need an eyebrow brush and an eyebrow gloss to bring them into shape. Now, fan out in the middle: brush the upper part up/to the outside, the lower part down/to the outside et… voilà. Feather brows look particularly beautiful with a natural eye-makeup in fresh summer colours.



 3. Eyebrow trend 2017: show your colours!

First seen during the Fashion Weeks for spring/summer 2017 (on the catwalks of i.e. Gucci, Giambattista Valli, Girogio Armani and Marc Jacobs) and now “on the streets”: the eyebrows are “highlighted” with colours or glitter dust. The extravagant beauty look is the perfect party companion – it requires a little courage but the wow effect is the finest reward!

You want to give this trend a try? Then opt for bi-coloured products emphasizing the natural colour of your brows. Brow powder by Yves Saint Laurent or the new rollout by Benefit consist of two to three brown shades, they provide depth and a natural shape. For a striking look, start with the darker shade and blend it with a lighter brown to the back. If you want to provide your eyebrows a soft finishing, apply the light shade first.