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3 Eyeshadow Trends for 2018

Also the new year has impressive makeup blinks in store.
The eyeshadow trends in 2018 are about strong expressions, bright shades and bold spirits. We’ll show you how to apply the colourful eye-makeup.

Glittering Eyeshadow



If you’re into glitter, the pigmented eyeshadows are perfect for you. The particles in gold, silver and other shimmery shades make your eyes a sure highlight. Begin with a colourless base coat to secure a smooth texture of your lid and to apply the eyeshadow evenly. If you use an eyeshadow made of loose particles (not pressed) you can spread some Vaseline or lip balm on your lid and apply the glitter partially with a brush. Subtle and discreet or bright to shine? The look of the glittering eyeshadow is up to you.


Coloured Eyeshadow



It continues to shine bright, multi-coloured, please! More and more beauties are tired of brown shades and look for bright colours – from blue through green to red. You can match your eyeshadow with you’re the colour of your eyes or with your outfit, on the one hand, to round it off for the perfect colour harmony. On the other hand, you can escape the colour scheme by applying complementary colours – use yellow to contrast blue, red sets a nice contrast to green. With this kind of makeup, you will be attracting the full attention and provide a fresh breeze to your beauty range. It’s recommended to apply a base coat as well.


Pile it On



While many makeup professionals have been recommending to apply and blend two eyeshadow colours in similar shades on the moving lid so far, it’s the total opposite as of now. Opt for one colour, pile it on, if you like, and only blend the outer parts slightly. Your eye makeup may be a statement and stand for a bold spirit. Of course, you are free, to begin with glimmery eyeshadow or strong colours to improve slowly by putting on some more layers and going across the moving lid. Black or brown mascara is perfect to open your eyes optically and to create a significant contrast.

Translation: Danielle De Bie