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Enough of grey, now! We opt for colour!

Be bold in terms of makeup! How about coloured eyeliner?Coloured eyeliner allows for interesting accents and thanks to experimenting with colour shades you can bring attention to your eyes. Before drawing the line though, you should follow a few guidelines to create the perfect base.

The Foundation

Apply foundation, concealer and powder, as usual, to make sure your skin looks even, and then start your eye makeup. To ensure a maximum hold, the use of a primer is essential. You then choose a matching eyeshadow, apply and blend it. Now, you can use the eyeliner to set an accent or opt for a tonal colour.

The Lid Line

Now you can grab your eyeliner and draw the perfect line. Take a deep breath firs and begin with a steady hand. Always try to draw small and fine lines from the inside to the outside and connect them afterwards. Little by little you can enlarge the lid line – until you’re happy with it.
The colour you choose may depend on many different things. It may match the colours of your outfit, for example. It may also match or contrast with the colour of your eyes. Or meet the circumstances – on Christmas glitter eyeliner is a perfect choice.

You can either gently phase out the eyeliner towards the ends or accentuate the wing for sexy cat eyes. Finish off the look with mascara and… well done! Congrats on this grandiose eye makeup!

Translation: Danielle De Bie