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Fitness Trend: Plus Size Yoga

“Fat Yoga” or „Curvy Yoga“ is THE new big thing for plus size women. For which body type it works, what must be considered and how to apply it properly.

Curvy women are… lazy, slow and severely restricted in their mobility? Plus size yogis such as Dana Falsetti, Jessamyn Stanley or Valerie Sagun prove that black is white: “Fat Yoga” or „Curvy Yoga“ are about to conquer Europe. The best of it all: EVERYONE can join in the newest plus size fitness trend. We’d like to explain what should be considered and how to exploit this fitness trend to the max.



Plus size yoga and usual yoga – what’s the difference?

Basically, plus size yoga does hardly differ from “normal”, traditional yoga. The poses are the same. Teachers of plus size yoga classes pay more attention to the plus size women’s individual requirements and body types, though. The goal: a better mobility and a confident body feeling. Always in the centre of interest: “What makes me feel good?” and “How far can I go without hurting my body?”. That’s why plus size asanas tend to be more cautious and slightly modify the exercises to reduce the impact on the joints. A simple trick to make it even more comfortable: stretch your legs wider than hip width.



Why plus size yoga is good for you – 11 reasons:

Yoga is an excellent exercise, it spares the joints and provides a balance to a stressful everyday life. Furthermore, it helps to keep fit and:

  • you become more agile
  • it relieves tensions (caused by stress, office job or a bad posture)
  • it encourages the blood flow
  • it firms the connective tissue
  • it forms your muscles and builds the deep muscle groups
  • it improves your balance, body posture as well as your overall appearance

Yoga is not only a benefit for your body, it also lowers the pulse and

  • improves your emotional well-being overall: you’re more relaxed and balanced. It has a calming effect and provides serenity
  • you can better focus: thanks to increased concentration your emotional values become clearer
  • your self-confidence improves: you will love your body even more and value your curves more than ever
  • your body feeling gets optimized, you will perceive your body and the everyday movements a different way
  • thanks to its roots in Buddhist meditation plus size yoga will help to balance your innermost wishes, hopes, fears and doubts


The perfect plus size yoga outfit

Ready for your first yoga lesson? Wearing the right cloths makes it an even better experience:

Your outfit should be comfortable and allow for enough free movement. Opt for high-quality breathable materials. Strenuous yoga makes you sweat, big time! Who could let go while being concerned about annoying others with unpleasant body odours? Thus, don’t cut corners. The ideal yoga outfit consists of flexible sports leggings with a comfortable elastic band, a well-fitting sports bra (many exercises require to bend forward, it can thus become unpleasant to adjust your breast time and again) and a sports top, not too tight to ensure enough free movement but still close to the body for it stays in place. Most durable: t-shirts with an elastic band seam. Your new sports outfit requires some inspiration?