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Get Your Kicks: Awesome Feet in Winter

The part of the body the German’s like least of all? Their feet! Despite their endeavours: they carry us all life long, stand our weight, take us from A to B, keep us dancing the night away on skyscraper heels and spend most of the day in the smallest space. It’s time to grant our feet more time and attention! Well-maintained feet and hands are a person’s business card, in my opinion, regardless man or woman. My mom once said: “Someone who doesn’t care about what shows, does not respect oneself”.

It’s somewhat dramatic but strictly speaking, it’s an encouragement to love yourself. To make sure your feet feel comfortable in winter, we’ve collected some tips for you:


The Right Footwear

Tight shoes encourage scarf-skin and restrict blood circulation – that’s not only unhealthy but also causes cold feet. It may sound weird but maintaining your feet starts with the choice of the right footwear. Breathable, water-resistant shoes in leather of high-tech materials adapting to the feet are best. In winter, once a week, I disinfect my shoes with spray and leave them outside on the balcony for airing – a bacteria killer for sure!



Less is more! In winter, we have a tendency to wear big socks in big boots. Wrong! The heat that accumulates in the shoe, as well as the lack of aeration, make our feet start sweating. Many times, we opt for socks made of cotton because it’s a natural fibre. Unfortunately, cotton gets wet easily but in turn, doesn’t release the moisture. Sweaty and smelly feet are the result. Furthermore, you get sick faster when having sweaty feet. Better than cotton is virgin wool or wool blends in winter, other options are rayon or polyamide. Today, a wide range of different socks and fibre blends is available, adapted for business, leisure and sports.


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Wash, Kneipp And Cream

The first thing I do when I’m getting home: wash my feet! I get out of my socks and wash my them thoroughly with soap, then I buzz them off with ice-cold water for about 30 seconds, then warm again. This little Kneipp-treatment stimulates the circulation and makes a rosy skin. Afterwards, I rinse my feet with rubbing alcohol or spoil myself with a quick massage with a blood flow-stimulating foot cream (the ones with lavender and eucalyptus are great!).


Barefoot As Often As I Can

Despite the weather conditions at our latitudes, we should get off our shoes as often as possible! Whether after a shower, while sleeping or just a few minutes in between – your feet will be thankful! Buy a rubber ball with massage nubs and roll your feet – naked or in socks – again and again over the ball from the tip of the toe to the heel. This exercise even works when you sit in your office chair. It ensures the blood-supply of your feet, reduces the risk of scarf-skin and you’ll be freezing less.



For the ones who have no time for professional pedicures every three weeks, we have two good news: while electric scarf-skin removers are very easy to handle they relieve your feet of scarf-skin and fine cracks. Meanwhile, the little helpers are available at nearly any drugstore. Good news number two and my absolute white knight: foot masks! Just open, put them on like socks, seal, leave on for 30 minutes and massage the rest into your skin. Velvet feet are guaranteed, promised!



Good Bye Sweaty Feat!

Sweating is a vital function of your body. If our feet are wrapped too tightly or too warm (both in a worst case scenario), the foot sweats to cool off. For the air cannot escape, sweaty feet are the result. Damp, wet feet and accumulated heat inside the shoe provide the perfect environment for bacteria and foot fungus. On top of the right footwear and suitable socks (see above), baby powder helps you to prevent sweaty feet. It absorbs the sweat and helps your feet stay dry. A little insider tip at the end: avoid using aluminiferous deodorants. Apart from the buildup of metals in your body it prevents sweating under the arms, but the body equates it through other parts – mostly through the feet!

Translation: Danielle De Bie