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Girlboss Makeup for the Office

There’s a makeup look for every occasion – also for the office.

The job rather requires professional skills, but the passion for eyeliner and lipstick must not stay at home. We’ll show you a true Girlboss look that perfectly suits a day at the office. And a few accessories simplifying your work routines significantly.

Your Individual Girlboss Makeup

Wearing the same makeup every day would obviously be half as exciting – variety is the spice of work life! A sleek, subtle winged liner today, a thick feathered cat-eye tomorrow or just another colour. In terms of lipstick, you may also change between the shades at a whim. Of course, we know that wild makeup experiments are not welcome in every job but subtle, individual tricks should work everywhere.

To keep on looking fresh even after lunch break of a long meeting, you may keep some small helpers on your desk and touch up your makeup:

  • Thermal water has a double effect – it fixes your makeup and wakes you up.
  • It makes sense to have a lipstick at hand – apply before a spontaneous meeting and your makeup looks fresher instantly.
  • The powder is an essential must because even the cleanest skin could start shining after an exhausting phone call.


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Subtle Makeup for the Everyday Office Life

The motto of your everyday respectively your office-friendly makeup should be “less is more“. It requires no more than a few minutes and suits nearly every job and every season.


The Skin

Start your day with cleaning and creaming your skin – the basic principle of every makeup. Then, apply a primer to the centre of your face and use gentle, circular motions to blend it outwards. The circular motions stimulate your circulation and let you look fresh in the morning. Now, your skin is ready for the foundation. Apply with your fingertips or with the help of a makeup sponge. A concealer helps to cover small blemishes or dark eyes.

The Eyes

Your skin is now the perfect starting point for our Girlboss makeup. A subtle, winged liner accentuates your eyes without highlighting them too much and provides a radiant expression instantly. Use black or elegant brown mascara on your lashes. Now, brush your eyebrows and fill them with little light pencil strokes to provide your face the right frame.

The Lips

Two looks work most at the office: either subtle or flashy. For the first option chose a nude-coloured lipstick or a light gloss. It’s a definite everyday look and you may vary it by changing colours. Or opt for strong shades: red or pink will attract attention and represent a true statement at the office.

Last Steps

Basically, your makeup is good to go now. If you tend to oily skin, just apply some powder on top. If you have some extra minutes, you may let your skin shine: the shimmer pigments of a bronzer provide your face with freshness and depth.

Translation: Danielle De Bie