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Good Morning: Morning Beauty Routine

Start your day with an extensive morning beauty routine because the right care is the best wakeup call for your skin.

Our skin is particularly sensitive in winter. Therefore, the right care is nuts and bolts. And not only once a day. We provide you with some tips and tricks that make sure your skin stays radiant and beautiful all day!


Wake Up, Cleanse, Care


After your first cup of coffee, your skin is ready for its wakeup call. Wash your face with cold water first – this stimulates the circulation and makes your skin look fresh isntantly, even without makeup. Then, dry your face gently with a towel or cosmetic tissue.

In the morning, cleansing is essential too. The skin eliminates toxins overnight which have to be removed first. Use a face water or a micellar water, they are efficients and gentle at a time. Your skin is facing a long day, therefore treat it carefully and avoid using irritants.

Now, it’s time to hydrate your skin. You should use an SPF day cream to not only maintain it but also protect it against UV radiation and the consequences. Apply with a gentle circular motion and with gentle pressure. A short face massage in the morning has an invigorating effect and allows the cream to be absorbed.


Beauty Specials


These were only the basics of your morning beauty routine, of course. We have some more extra tips in store – easy to apply while having breakfast or reading the morning paper.

  • You should apply lip care to avoid your lips to look brittle and to best prepare them for the lipstick.
  • You have dark circles under the eyes? Then, just some apply eye-pads. They provide your eyes with some extra moisture and make them shine brightly after no longer than ten short minutes.
  • At the end of your morning routine, you can refresh your skin with thermal water – it makes the cream absorb even faster and provides a moisture boost before you start your day at full speed.

Translation: Danielle De Bie