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Good Night: Nighty-Night Beauty Routine

Last but not least: the night routine as the last point on your beauty agenda before the well-deserved beauty sleep.

Our skin is particularly sensitive in winter. Therefore, the right care is nuts and bolts. And not only once a day. We provide you with some tips and tricks that make sure your skin stays radiant and beautiful all day!


Night Care, Cream, Facial Mask

Dry skin appreciates the treatment with a moisturizing serum – it’s quickly absorbed and the ideal base for the night care. Subsequently, you can apply a rich night cream or night mask.

Five times a week your skin wouldn’t need much more than a night cream. It’s highly effective, provides moisture and helps the skin to regenerate overnight. You can apply it with a circular motion and double your skin’s pleasure by a gentle massage.

Twice a week, the application of a night mask is recommended to cope with stressful days. Their rich ingredients provide extra hydration and regeneration, reduce redness, soothe irritations and help the cells to regenerate. Apply a thicker layer in winter, because the skin requires much care due to the extremely dry air.


Beauty Special


The use of an eye cream is highly recommended. According to the required effect, you could choose an anti-aging or moisturizing cream, or a cream banishing dark circles. Pat the cream gently onto the area around your eye and look forward to a pleasant and restful beauty sleep. You will see: the more effort you put into on your night beauty routine, the more radiant is your skin on the next morning.

Translation: Danielle De Bie