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Hair Trend: Baby Bangs

While the Frenchies go for longer bangs, we love the shorties: baby bangs!

The bangs that are a dash too short exist for a long time and celebrate a comeback every couple of years – just like now. The micro-fringe is a bold haircut yet always looks good and adds that certain something that makes a look unique. Look at Emma Watson, for example.

Because of its variability, the short bangs suit everyone somehow. With the proper advice of your hairstylist, you can find out whether you should wear it straight or rounded, to the side, up or down. The length is also an individual thing: from short, to frame the face, through mid of your forehead to a bit longer anything goes. It all depends on your personal preference.

How to Maintain Baby Bangs?


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Wash the bangs with the rest of your hair as usual but spare the conditioner to prevent the bangs getting greasy, limp or stringy. If you tend to stubborn hair, blast the hot air downwards to make sure the fringes lay flat.

Our tip: Since the hair goes in all directions after getting out of bed, it makes perfect sense to wash and style them in the morning.


How to Style Baby Bangs?

Although they’re short, you have plenty of opportunities. You can wear them flat, slightly to the side or, sprinkled with sea salt spray, wear them undone. For a perfect styling at all times regular trimming is essential – only one inch can make the difference, it may change the entire look or even look raggle-taggle.


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Real Insider Tips for Baby Bangs

You’ve been on the go all day yet want to look elegant at night – just the bangs don’t sit nicely and stick up? Just wear a beanie to push the hair down. Wet the bangs slightly for a stronger effect.

If you have the impression that the bangs get greasy, although you’ve washed your hair recently, dry shampoo is a real panacea. It helps to make the baby bangs grippy and allows for re-styling.

You’re too busy and don’t have the time for trimming your bangs? Then, you should pass on a well-groomed look and, with the help of dry shampoo and sea salt spray, go for a real undone-look – it hides the length and looks extremely good.

Translation: Danielle De Bie