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Hairtrend: The Pony is back

The pony is again in full swing. We even tell you how to get him without the scissors.

You’ve had them, at least once in a lifetime, and reconsider of cutting them again? Then it’s the right time since bangs are back! Your hair length or the will to give away some centimetres are no longer an issue at all – beyond natural fringes, handy clip-in bangs look deceptively real. With our styling tips, you’ll get your bangs together.

Real Bangs

You have the nerve and your hairdressing appointment has been already confirmed? Well done! With our “bangology” you’ll be fully equipped.

The right Length

First and foremost, the length depends on your personal taste. While micro bangs used to be the big thing, they could easily be longer now – somewhat down to the eyebrows but without masking your eyes.

When do bangs need to get Trimmed?

Depending on how fast your hair grows, you should consider a stop by your hair stylist every two weeks. Even if you cut just a few millimetres, the bangs look more groomed.

Best Bangs Care

You want your bangs perfect thus, you smooth them down with a gentle hand stroke… don’t! Because shorter hair gets greasy faster. Dry shampoo is a good solution to avoid daily washing and, a quick spritz provides more hold. Otherwise wash, as usual, shampoo like all hair but… do not apply any conditioner on the fringe.

Styling your Bangs

For perfect styling, blow-dry first and then twist it with your fingers. A flatiron can help to achieve a nice natural look and last, but not least some hairspray to fix the bangs.





Clip-In Bangs for a Faux Fringe

You’d like to find out if bangs suit you or just vary your hairstyle? Then clip-in bangs suit you best. To provide you with the best tips regarding your fake fringe, we’ve been asking hair and makeup artist Max.

How can I find clip-in bangs that suit me?

“It goes without saying that they should correspond to your hair colour – a difference in colour will be noticed immediately. And I always recommend, to invest in real-hair bangles; styling is easier as well as adjusting the length.”

Which Care do faux bangs require?

“In principle, faux bangles need the same care as real hair. After having worn it a couple of times, it should be freshened up with dry shampoo or washed with a mild shampoo.”

Most importantly: How to apply clip-in bangs?

“Part your hair down the centre and move the clip to its highest point of your head for it won’t show through. Afterwards, secure the clips from the underside of the faux fringe onto your natural hair, backcomb here so it stays in place.”

Translation: Danielle De Bie




Max Roman:

Max Roman hat sein Handwerk an der renommierten „Beautiful Company“ und an der Meisterschule für Friseure gelernt. Seitdem arbeitet er für Kunden wie Olaz, Marc Cain oder Hugo Boss. Nebenbei ist er als Make-up-Artist für Persönlichkeiten wie Nadja Auermann, Karolina Kurkova oder Uma Thurman tätig. Außerdem wird er für Produktionen von Cosmopolitan oder Germany’s Next Topmodel gebucht.