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Have a Nice Evening: After-Work Beauty Routine

Are you looking forward to relaxing at home after a long day? Take some time for your skin and treat yourself to a skin-care regeneration program.

Our skin is particularly sensitive in winter. Therefore, the right care is nuts and bolts. And not only once a day. We provide you with some tips and tricks that make sure your skin stays radiant and beautiful all day!


Cleanse, Peel, Relax

At first: remove your makeup! Use a specific cleansing oil, for example, and massage and foam it gently with a circular motion on the dry skin. The gentle pressure helps your skin and your facial muscles to relax. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Continue with a peeling, it removes sebum and dead skin particles and clears up clogged pores. It’s important to apply it gently – the skin is irritated after the long day and therefore, the peeling should have a soothing effect.

A facial mask is an ideal assistant to get your skin as well as yourself back down – the mask’s moisture regenerates your skin and provides some extra relaxation. A good read and a cup of tea on top… perfect evening pleasure!


Beauty Special


Not just your face needs to unwind after work, your hands need quiet and regeneration too. After a wash with lukewarm water (before removing your makeup, of course), you can apply a scented hand cream. Cream thoroughly under gentle pressure. The same counts for your feet: apply a special foot cream and wear your favourite socks – a true relief after a day in high heels.

Try to disconnect in the evening and to forget about the stress of the day, because not only your skin needs to rest, your whole body has deserved to knock off.

Translation: Danielle De Bie