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Honey, a real Beauty Tip

It’s not just the perfect sweetener but a beauty miracle worker too! Thanks to its precious ingredients, honey supports the well-being. 

Even Cleopatra knew about the benefits of honey and always added a dash of it to her milk bath. The combination of milk and honey is an open beauty secret that has a positive effect on the skin. Thanks to its anti-bacterial action it helps to soothe inflammations and irritated skin. On top of this, it contains vitamin C that helps the skin regenerate. It even helps reduce blemishes and is excellent for intensive skin care.


Smooth and Soft Lips with Honey

Although its healthy, honey contains a lot of natural sugar – an advantage that allows for the storage of much moisture. As soon as you apply it to your lips, they feel a lot softer. In case your lips feel very dry, you may prepare a mask by adding some curd cheese. Apply for approximately 10 minutes.


Hand Mask with Honey

For soft hands, you may prepare a peeling made of honey and brown sugar. Massage your hands (and your feet if you like) with it. The mixture feels quite sticky, but you’ll feel after rinsing it with warm water, how soft your hands are at the end and even dry parts will have disappeared.


Which Honey is Good?

Every supermarket has too much honey on offer. Therefore, buy it at a bio-market or a health-food shop because here, you get it untreated. That means that it still contains its essential minerals and vitamins don’t get killed by strong heating. Since a few years, Manuka honey has become very popular: The honey from New Zealand has a medical effect and is not just an assistant at beauty sessions but also a relief when having the flu.

Translation: Danielle De Bie