Photo by Soroush Karimi

How To: Eyebrow Care

Look into my eyes! Um, well… at my eyebrows.

Eyebrows act to frame your face and underline your expression. Therefore, you should take the time to groom and style them well regularly. Here, we provide you with handy tips for perfect eyebrows.


The Shape


It goes without saying that to get your brows into the right shape tweezing comes first. Follow nature, thus the brows’ natural shape. Small lower hair can be removed with the help of a tweezer, best before you go to sleep – your skin can regenerate overnight and redness disappears naturally. The desired shape is up to you! Besides the countless trends, your personal taste is what counts in the end.


The Colour


If you feel your eyebrows are too pale, you may have them tinted in a darker shade, by a professional or by yourself. Thanks to dying, your brow-hair gets naturally darker longterm, you just need to refresh the colour after 2 to 3 weeks. We recommend you, to start with a mid-brown shade. It gives you the chance to improve. Because if the brows get too dark, it takes a quite a while until the tint fades again.

If dying is not your cup of tea, an eyebrow pencil seems like a good alternative. Follow your natural brow by drawing little strokes to enhance the volume. The smaller the strokes, the more natural the look. Essential: always draw small lines! Do you like a subtle look better? Then, you could use a light eyebrow powder instead of a pencil.


The Styling


You should brush your eyebrows first – they instantly seem to have more volume. Now, you can continue with a transparent eyebrow gel. It helps the small hairs to stay in shape all day. Very important: brush upwards, from the inside to the outside, in small strokes to provide more volume and density.

With coloured gel, you can intensify your eyebrow colour. Like this, you accentuate your brows and give them more hold at the same time. The stronger you style your brows, the more you emphasise your eyes – a perfect way to highlight classic Smokey eyes even stronger.

Translation: Danielle De Bie