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How You Get Brilliant White Teeth With Oil!

Brilliantly white teeth? No problem! With this simple trick

The other day when I was at the annual dental check-up, he congratulated me on my healthy lifestyle and told me that he had rarely seen such healthy teeth and gums. The conversation went something like this:

Dentist: “How nice, a non-smoking dentition!”
“Uh, well, actually, I’m smoking pretty regularly.”
Dentist: “Really? Strange, there’s no discoloration. But at least you don’t drink coffee, do you?”
“Yes, actually every day, sometimes two.”
Dentist: “Well, that can’t be! I don’t see any deposits or tartar. But avoid wine and acids!”
I: “Rather not. I love both red and white wine.”
Dentist: “How can this be with such healthy teeth? Do you do something different when cleaning?”
“Yes, oil extraction!”

Oil extraction has been used in Ayurvedic folk medicine for thousands of years as a remedy against bad breath, bleeding gums and detoxification. Ayurveda is a very old Indian healing art, which is unfortunately still recognized in our western world only as a wellness application. Oil extraction removes toxins from the body, fights bacteria in the oral cavity, eliminates bad breath, reduces the risk of tooth decay, reduces plaque, whiten teeth and strengthens teeth and gums and general well-being. Many of my friends and relatives have tried an oil pulling cure on my recommendation and all have told me about the advantages from which you can also profit!

Which oil do I need?
When drawing oil, you should always make sure that your cold-pressed oil is of organic quality. Also pay attention to the country of origin when buying, because for example in Asia different standards apply to organic than in Europe.

Sesame oil – traditional ayurvedic
Sesame oil is the oldest oilseed in the world and is one of the most valuable cold oils in medicine. It contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and the secondary plant substances sesamin and sesamolin, which among other things protect our nerve cells from structural and functional defects.

Coconut oil – detoxification with taste
Coconut oil is particularly tasty and therefore super suitable for beginners. The main fatty acid lauric acid is antibacterial and can even fight viruses such as herpes and flu. In addition, coconut oil has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and is a good supplier of important minerals. Do not be surprised about the firm consistency, in the mouth it liquefies after a few seconds.

Olive oil – The Mediterranean choice
Cold-pressed olive oil can be found in the Mediterranean not only in the kitchen, but also in creams, hair products and alternative medicine. The high proportion of the secondary plant substance polyphenol brings many health benefits. Olive oil has an antioxidant effect, lowers bad cholesterol levels and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

How does oil extraction work?

Oil extraction is very easy to integrate into the morning routine. During the night, bacteria and germs form in our mouth, as we detoxify strongly via the mouth. Therefore, oil pulling should be the first thing you do in the morning before you even take a sip of water or food.
First you need a tongue scraper, with which you remove the complete coating from the tongue, until all white residues have disappeared as good as possible. Then put 1 tbsp of your favorite oil in your mouth and rinse it back and forth in your mouth. Most teachings recommend a rinsing time of 20 minutes, but in my opinion 5-6 minutes are sufficient. In this time you can take a shower, wash your face or make breakfast, so no time is lost. Find out for yourself how long you want to rinse, after a while you develop a feeling for it. Important: Do not swallow or gargle, otherwise you will transport the toxins into the body instead of to the outside.

After a few minutes of rinsing, you can spit the oil into a tissue (please do not spit into the drain, as grease can dissolve easily, clog the drain and leave an oily film in the sink). Rinse the mouth briefly with water and then brush the teeth as usual. After a few days you will notice that your tooth surface feels smooth and your gums look rosy. After brushing your teeth in the evening, I recommend that you floss and rinse your mouth so that food remains do not ferment and discolour your teeth while you sleep.

After 14 days of flossing and oil extraction, you can look forward to whiter teeth and beautiful gums.