Make-up-Trend: Tangerine Eyes

Orange is the new Black. Eyes in Pantone’s trend colour Tangerine Tango, a rich orange shade, are this summer’s coolest make-up look.

Orange on the eyes? OK, most would probably use this bright colour on their lips rather than on their eyes. But those who dare, will be amazed. Promised! There are many reasons to use this new trend colour: deep orange is not only an eye-catcher but it makes eyes shine, looks summerly-fresh and modern.

But the best is: orange is an all-round talent because it fits blue, green as well as brown eyes and goes with pale and dark skin types. Orange is a statement by itself and most beautiful without mascara but bold lipstick. Styling advice: Let the colour come back in your outfit or accessories. Following our “Tangerine” favourites:



1. The Arty Look of model Philomena Kwai (dark skin, dark eyes):

For the arty look set generously bold highlights on your upper eyelid. Use a moistened applicator or highly pigmented eyeshadow to provide even more brightness to the colour. Cool complement: XL earrings in the same colour.




2.The Drama Eyeliner of Bree Kish (pale skin, green eyes):

Here, the focus is on the lower lid. Apply the orange eyeshadow by using an eyeliner brush on the lower lash line and phase out towards the eyebrows. The upper lid is subtly highlighted by a gold coloured eyeliner.


🍊 @megantaylor_photo @soniaresh

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3. The Tango Look of Alessandra Garcia, daughter of Hollywood actor Andy Garcia, (mid skin, brown eyes):

Apply bold, matt orange on the full lid. Dark eyebrows and just a touch of blusher are a perfect match.



Cinch of a hair scarf. Swipe of a bright eyeshadow. Spring game face = on. #thisbody

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