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Makeup Removal Trend: Double Cleansing

Double cleansing, the makeup removal trend from Asia, has become popular here as well. We explain how to cleanse your face in two simple two.

Double cleansing is a makeup removal method. In Japan, it’s being applied for centuries – especially for the thorough cleansing of the Geisha’s skin. We’re also enjoying this gentle feeling after double cleansing when our skin is clean from deep within. The cleansing in two steps does not only remove makeup, it also washes away perspiration as well as impurities accumulating during the day.


Step 1: Cleansing oil


The double cleansing starts with a special facial cleansing oil which will be removing the makeup as well as impurities. Dispense some oil on your hands and massage into the dry skin – eye-makeup and lipstick will also be removed gently. Once your face is saturated with the oil, moisten it with water work up a rich lather. Rinse afterwards with lukewarm water.


Step 2: Water-based facial cleansing


The second step provides a thorough cleansing of dust and perspiration. You could use facial water or micellar water. With a soaked cotton-pad, you can finally remove the makeup.


Advantages of double cleansing


Double cleansing means double effect: the two-step cleansing method relieves your skin of everything which could clog your pores whereas the short cleansing oil massage stimulates circulation and provides a fresh and rosy complexion.


The double cleansing treatment provides the perfect basis for your facial care – in the evening, you may use a rich cream to stimulate the cell regeneration overnight. But it’s also the ideal moment to apply a facial mask which can develop its full effect to moisturize your cleansed skin.

English Translation: Danielle De Bie