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“Wow! You smell so good!”- Fragrances for Autumn & Winter

For the upcoming autumn-winter-season, we have great fragrances, beautiful flacons, and real wonders for you!
Beauty is so much more than beauty sessions, beauty appeals to all the senses. You can make an impression within seconds by looking good but addressing the sense of smell may be thrilling too. On top of its positive impact on the olfactory perception, a fragrance may serve as a beautiful accessory for your bathroom. Thus, the flacon may have two functions – double function for double pleasure.

Extraordinary Fragrances


Rain by Clean



The “Clean“ fragrance series gathers pleasant everyday scents in sustainable flacons. “Rain” smells, as the name says, like fresh rain. The combination of aquatic mint, jonquil, spring daisy, and woods creates a perfume that is understated yet enjoyable.


Fleur Riesling by Mair Botanics



”Fleur Riesling“ – this scent isn’t reserved to sommeliers. Here, biological ingredients meet piles of passion. The natural perfume blends with the personal scent of its wearer and develops individually on every person.


Assam of India by Berdoues



A fragrance for tea lovers. The strong scent is inspired by Assam’s tea plantations. Combined with lemon and sandalwood it gives an extraordinary fragrance that evokes the spirit of India and rouses our wanderlust.


Woman Star by Mercedes Benz



Femininity and strength meet the original Mercedes Benz logo. The fruity scent was composed of most different components like Brazilian gardenia, blackcurrant leaves, and cashmere wood. It addresses to confident women who aim at emphasizing their personality.


Purple Heart v.5 by Map of the Heart



The flacon represents the “heart of bravery“. Black cherry and plum meet violet and salty liquorice, Tonka bean and sandalwood – an extremely interesting component selection providing the perfume an impressive strength.


Compliments are like a perfume. They may smell, but not be obtrusive. – Oscar Wilde


Classic Fragrances


Woman Candied Charms by Tommy Hilfiger



With “Women Candied Charms“ Tommy Hilfiger launched a classic women’s fragrance containing components like vanilla, Tonka bean, and pear. It suits women who like to wear understated and decent scents.


Twilly d’Hermès by Hermès



Ginger is the magical root on cold days – not only in the form of tea. “Twilly d’Hermès” is spicy, oriental and flowery at the same time. Inspired by young women’s zest for life and freshness – wear the scent to emphasize your positive sense of life.


Spicy Charm by Douglas Collection



A fascinating scent for confident women. The freshness of peach and lemon combined with vanilla, rose and patchouli make the fragrance an ideal companion on sad days that will flourish by the smell of the scent.

Translation: Danielle De Bie