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More Than These 13 Make-Up Basics You Don’t Need

We shed light on beauty chaos.

Collaborations, special editions, new editions. Today we are literally flooded with beauty articles. Who else knows about that? No more unnecessary mass and overload. Less is clearly more! These 13 make-up basics are a must for every woman – that’s all you need.


  • A primer that dissolves your pores into air.
  • A foundation for the perfect skin tone.
  • A concealer that covers even the worst circles around the eyes.
  • A powder that keeps everything in perfect shape.
  • A blush for naturally beautiful cheeks.
  • A highlighter that makes you shine.
  • An eyelash curler that’s got the hang of it.
  • A mascara that turns your eyelashes into skyscrapers.
  • An eyebrow pencil for next-level brows.
  • An eyeliner for the perfect accent.
  • An eye shadow palette for 1001 looks.
  • A lipstick for the most irresistible kissing mouth.
  • A brush set for every occasion.

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