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Nail Trends in Spring

We show you the nail polish trends for spring and how to achieve these looks by yourself.

There’s something for everyone! After the known creamy-opaque nude shades, nail polish becomes softer and more transparent in spring. Red and orange melt in a vibrant shade this season. The result: a refreshing colour splash on the nails. Black can look very elegant indeed, as long it receives a glossy finish – short nails are a must. A pretty statement to quit the winter blues is magenta coloured “Barbie” nails. Glamour queens may look forward to nails in rose gold, best with shimmer or glitter effect. And here come even more great nail trends! 


Accent Nails

This trend is easy and simple. All nails are lacquered in one colour – except one. On this nail, you apply either a similar shade or a contrasting colour that stands out. The contrasting nail is subject to change and may be accentuated by wearing a ring, for example. Thus, makeup and accessories go hand in hand. It’s essential that polish and top coat are applied meticulously to avoid splintering.


Finger Tips

What’s known from French Manicure comes in all colours now. Paint your nails in one colour, then, the highlight the nail tips with a different shade. It should be well-covering to make sure the base colour doesn’t shine through. The tips may be coated according to their natural form or accurately for a graphic accent. The top coat is essential, especially to fix the coloured tips.


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Nail Art

A nail can be a total work of art. By using little rhinestones, fine adhesive strips and other filigree accessories you make your nails unique. The base coat may be a clear or a colour polish. A tweezer helps you to apply the accessories on your nails. Even though they get fixed with a special glue, the use of a top coat is essential to guarantee a longer last.

Translation: Danielle De Bie