A Narrow Face without Surgery

Facial liposuction – seriously? No, thanks! These 6 tricks do magic – they shape your contours and define your facial features… completely without surgery.

A large breast, wide hips or a big bottom – put in the right limelight, these extra curves become the epitome of female beauty. A full face however, whether it’s caused by a genetic disposition, by excessive alcohol consumption or because it’s been photographed from a wrong angle is just annoying – and immune to any diet. The seemingly simplest solution: contouring. The correct definition and enhancement with foundation, concealer & co. is a science of its own. These 6 tricks perform magic, they are very simple and conjure a narrow, defined face within seconds!

Volume, Volume, Volume

It may sound contradictory because what you’d want is your face to appear narrower. Flat, unstyled hair do no favour to your facial features, instead of hiding them they rather accentuate them in an unflattering way. Subtle volume – no fuzzy head – helps: style generous curls and waves with a wheel brush define them with the help of a hair curler. Even better: blow-dry your hairline upwards away from your face – the forefront seems higher and therefore your face appears visually lengthened.


Ladies & Gentlemen…

For fringe wearers: straight bangs make your face appear larger and smaller. A long, parted fringe surrounds your face naturally and hides for example a broad jaw or full cheeks. A preferable hairstyle option: the half up bun – the long hair has a stretching effect on décolleté, neck and face. The bun goes the extra mile and makes your face look narrower – and the styling is soooooo easy! Just give it a try.


Not too bright, please…

Hair colour trends such as Ombré Hair or Balayage are also known as hair contouring. But caution! The same as for make-up, bright colours prevail. The result: your face appears larger. The more your hair colour resembles your complexion, the bigger seems your face. Better: dark colours. Low light, thus dark strands, create fine lines – cheeks and chin appear more delicate.



This counts for your brows too: more! Full eyebrows are not only a beauty trend for several seasons, they also help in defining your facial contours. Styled brows lift the eye area and have a magnifying effect. Watch out for the shape of your brows, since it’s significant. Just like straight fringes, flat arch-less “bars” have a shortening effect on your face and make it look fuller. Better: full brows with an angular, structured arch. They flatter your contours and make your face look narrow and well-proportioned.




The Eye in the Spotlight

Accentuate your eyes – it directs the beholder’s eye to the central part of your face. It’s essential to optically highlight your eyes. Apply bright colours on the movable eye lid, the eyebrow bone and on the inner edge of your nasal bridge. White kohl on the lower waterline has an additional enlarging effect.



It’s not easy, for sure, but hey, let’s face it: to change the shape of your face just with the help of some bright and dark spots can also be fun. When it comes to contouring, the tools play the significant part: by using the right brushes, you achieve defined contours more easily. What’s also important: the perfect blending.
Translation: Danielle De Bie