Natural Beauty: Our May Favourites

No chemicals and no animal testing: these innovative products totally trust in the beauty power of nature – for beautiful skin and healthy hair.

Sustainability and the conscious choice of natural products is no longer limited to our food and clothes, they also matter when it comes to our biggest sensory organ: the skin. In our section “Natural Beauty” we regularly introduce you to new discoveries for skin and hair and from the make-up sector. Our favourites in May:



#Cowshed: „Cow Pit Deodorant“ is a herbal deodorant which calms the sensitive axillary skin with aloe vera and shea butter, mint and lemon grass provide freshness, through,  ca. 15 Euro.

#Grown Alchemist: „Anti-Frizz Shampoo 0.5“ straightens the outer dandruff layer with shorea oil and moisters the hair and the scalp with gingerol, the active constituent of ginger, through,  ca. 35 Euro.

#Mádara: Body and hand care with delicately scented jasmine and meadowsweet: „Infusion Blanc Moisture Soap“,
through, ca. 11 Euro.

#Weleda: Provides a light shimmer to your lips: „Lip Balm“ with essential oils, through, ca. 7 Euro.

#Team Dr. Joseph: „Extra Sensitive Calming Serum“ soothes and restores the skin’s natural balance,
through, ca. 62 Euro.

#Oliveda: Smells delicious of cinnamon and ginger and leaves a velvety feeling on the skin: „Olive Leaf Body Butter Cinnabon Ginger“,
through, ca. 37 Euro.

#Chantecaille: „3 Mermaids Matte Eyes Philantrophy Set“ contains three mat, natural eyeshadow shades which are dedicated to endangered bees, elephants and lions. Good deed: five percent of the sales revenues are donated, through, ca. 105 Euro.

#Dr. Barbara Sturm: Helps agains dimples at buttocks and thighs: „Body Brush No. 1“ , über,  ca. 25 Euro.

Translation: Danielle De Bie