Paula’s Choice: The Four Most Important Skin Care Products

We understand that a complete skin care routine can seem complicated, but in many cases it can make all the difference to have the skin you want or not.

It really makes sense to follow a consistent routine, but some steps can be left out. Start with a simple routine and gradually add more products to tackle the various skin problems you want to combat.

Although there may be products you don’t want to use at first, some steps are essential for good skin care. A good, gentle cleansing of the skin to remove makeup is a must, because sleeping with makeup causes dull skin, acne outbreaks and red, bloated eyes.

It is also absolutely necessary to protect your skin every day with a sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 15 or more. Another step that really makes a big difference is peeling with a well-assembled AHA or BHA product: you will see the difference after the first application. At night you should apply at least one product suitable for your skin, which contains many antioxidants, skin-regenerating and cell communication-promoting ingredients.


These are the product steps you should absolutely not miss out on! Were you aware of that?


The four most important skin care products are:

A gentle cleaning agent
A moisturizing day cream containing a wide spectrum sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher)
An AHA or BHA peeling
A moisturizing product for dry areas and for use around the eyes


Here is a selection of the best tested products in all these categories: