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Do it Right: Summer Hair Care

Our hair gets heavily stressed in summer – due to sun, sea, and heat. Therefore, the right hair care is essential. We show you what’s important to protect your hair.


Summer hair care routines

Healthy hair is way more resilient and far better protected against environmental influences, and a solid hair structure is less susceptible to damages caused by UV radiation, heat and sea water. Provide your hair with moisture – the combination of moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is the perfect basis. Use care sprays after the shampoo, they provide additional protection.



No products, no healthy hair

Your hair’s summer stress is different than its stress in winter, therefore, your hair care needs to adapt. There’s a range of products protecting against UV radiation’s negative influences and avoiding bleaching. In addition, we recommend a bi-weekly special treatment which activates the regeneration process with a long-lasting effect.


Essential tips for beautiful hair


  • Sea water does good to your skin but harms your hair. It loses moisture and gets damaged. Therefore, rinse away the sea water after every swim and, above all, wash your hair thoroughly every evening.


  • To save your scalp from sunburn we recommend to always cover your head by wearing a sun hat, for example. Constantly change your part to make sure that the sun always reaches a different area of your scalp.


  • If you feel, your hair-ends are extremely dry, apply some coconut oil and let it work. It provides some extra moisture and protects against dehydration.


  • Avoid wearing a tight pigtail because your hair could break easily. A loose plait is more convenient.Translation: Danielle De Bie

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