© Greg Kantra

Rosy Complexion for Spring

Like freshly kissed by the first sun rays… a rosy complexion is all we want to start into spring.

Since the weather seems not being on our side, we provide you with some makeup tips to help yourself to make it happen.

To make your complexion look rosy, you ideally start with a primer that has a soft pink base – that makes your skin tone look stronger after winter. Apply with your fingers to blend it with your skin. Then apply makeup, concealer and powder as usual.

Since not only the base of your complexion should look rosy, but individual sections as well, you can choose between three parts:

The Lips

To capture and amplify your skin’s reddish pigments, you may apply lipstick. Picking a warm red to underline the natural lip colour is essential. Choose from a deep pink up to a strong red. If you feel that lipstick is too much, you can just dab it on your lips and blend it with your fingers.


The Eyes

The eyes may help make your complexion look rosy. For this, you can combine two colours. Brown shades, on the one hand, provide a somewhat natural look and let your complexion shine. Pink shades on the other work too when applied subtly. The complexion radiates even more since these shades capture its colour shade.


The Cheeks

The cheeks are the usual parts to beautify the complexion. Applied on the cheekbones, “rouge” says it all through its name meaning “red” – thus, it serves as ideal completion of a rosy complexion. Make sure to apply the red or pink shade subtly to ensure a natural look overall. The rosier the complexion becomes naturally over spring, the less makeup you need in the end.

Translation: Danielle De Bie