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Sheet Masks: The New Beauty Trend on the Test with Alexia of @dadiva

Our beauty expert Alexia of @dadiva has been testing more than 70 facial masks and shows you her favourite ones!

As beautiful as the winter may be, it means pure stress to your skin. Sweets and hearty meals, dry heating air, stuffy rooms and minus degrees: the temperature difference and dry air dehydrate the skin and unbalance the pH-value. Redness, pimples, a tense and pale skin are the results. Therefore, I’d like to introduce you to my winter wonder weapon: sheet masks!

Sheet masks come originally from Korea, where the beauty industry has fully specialized in the aesthetic ideal of Korean women, that is a flawless, glowing skin! The cleansing and care of the skin consists of an average of nine steps and takes 45 minutes. If you don’t want to invest that much time in your beauty routine, neither in the morning nor the evening, sheet masks are the perfect solution!



Each pack includes a disposable cellulose wipe soaked in natural essences/essences and nourishing ingredients. Apply the mask after cleaning your skin, take it off after 20 to 30 minutes and massage the remaining product into your skin. The cellulose prevents the ingredients’ evaporation, and the long application time creates warmth which opens the pores and thus, allows the active agents to penetrate. Which explains the instant effect: the skin is smooth and rosy, even small creases look like almost vanish.



For a start: “One” perfect sheet mask doesn’t exist. The individual needs depend on a woman’s cycle, her genetic, eating habits and outside influences. But the right care, and to me, sheet masks are an inherent part of it, may compensate many deficits. Before using a sheet mask for the first time, I recommend a soft peeling. The best sheet mask moment is after taking a shower when the pores are open thanks to the warm water – perfect timing for the nourishing ingredients to penetrate. In the meantime, you can dry your hair, get dressed – it’s ideal to save time! In my series, I’ll show you my favourites for dry, oily and tired skin, sty tuned!



Alexia Apostolidou works as a freelance makeup artist for many years. After graduating in Fashion Journalism/Media Communications at the Academy for Fashion and Design in Munich she continued the education as a makeup artist/hair stylist. Since then, she creates the looks for fashion productions and events, works for film and television and puts a smile on many brides’ faces. Her studies sharpened her perceptions of aesthetics and made her understand that beauty is not about perfection. Her main focus is to emphasize a person’s individuality and assets.
And that’s all Alexia combines on her blog“Da Diva”.

Translation: Danielle De Bie