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Skin Care: Beauty Preps for Winter Sports

When hitting the ski slopes, your skin needs extra protection!Snow, rain and cold are standard for winter sports activities. Now, your skin needs extra care and protection! It’s mainly about sufficient hydration. We show you useful tips and tricks for getting a beautiful skin despite extreme conditions.


Skin Care

To prep your skin for cold air and headwind, you should apply enough cream. It’s essential to opt for an oil-based moisturizing cream that is ideal for winter because of its depth effect. In the worst case, water-based creams may cause frostbites at minus temperatures. Apply the cream after cleansing your face in the morning after cleansing and again before hitting the slopes. By doing so, you can be sure that your skin is largely hydrated to make it through the day.

On top of hydration, the protection against UV rays is essential. The snow reflects the rays which may cause damages despite a cloudy sky. Therefore, always make sure your cream has a sun protection factor.


Face Serum

If you have a very dry skin, you may apply a face serum before the cream. It provides your skin with some extra hydration. Apply it especially to the parts which are extremely dry – in many cases, it’s the cheeks.


Eye Care

The skin around the eyes is very thin and dehydrates much faster. Sometimes, the colt wind leads your eyes to tear up – brushing away the tears irritates the eyes. As a precaution, you may apply a rich eye cream in the morning and tap it in with your fingertips.


Lip Care

Lips dehydrate because of the wind and the cold air but also due to eating, drinking and talking. Avoid moisturizing it them with the tongue, use a lip balm instead. It repairs and soothes chapped lips and lets your smile even shine brighter.

Translation: Danielle De Bie