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Step by Step: Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles

The most beautiful braided hairstyles for fall!

You know this feeling in the morning when your mirror goes… OMG, bad hair day! We have the perfect answer to that problem: braided hairdos!

The feminine hair trend is a true eyecatcher – delicate braids are the perfect alternative to open hairstyles, even for true bad-hair-day-experts. We’ll show you our three favourites and explain how to do them! The beauty of these styles? They suit every hair type, regardless of colour, length, and texture. The products needed as well as the relevant links are shown underneath. Just try and have fun


Fishbone Braids


Fishbone braids belong to the most popular braided styles and are easy for beginners. Apply a good amount of mousse and dry shampoo first to provide your hair a strong hold. Comb your hair to spread the products thoroughly.

Divide your hair into two parts lying next to each other. Then, separate a small part from the outer side of part A and lay it over the remaining hair towards part B so you’re holding two parts again. Now, separate a small outer part again – from part B this time – and lay it towards part A. Continue as often as you like. You can stop in the middle of the braid or go until the end – down to your whim.

Finally, loosen the hairstyle by pulling out small strands of your braid with a hairpin. The result is a beautiful braid that looks far more professional than the traditional braid technique.


The Messy Bun


The name says it all – the messy provides a very casual look. To start with, separate your hair into three even sections and pull the middle section up into a ponytail and secure with an elastic. Plait the two side parts in into two loose traditional braids. The result may look bizarre, but don’t you worry, it won’t stay like this.

The hair donut is next (a longer fresh sock can replace the donut, just knot both ends together and wrap it around the elastic). Pull the ponytail through the donut and make sure that the ring wraps the elastic completely. Now, take small strands from the inside to the outside of the donut and fix them with hairpins until the donut is completely covered. Some loose strands are no drama at all – for an extremely messy look you may loosen the strands (like shown above) with the help of a hairpin.

Once the bun is fixed, you lay braid A over the bun’s opposite part and fix it – depending on the braid’s length – with some pins below the bun. Then, you lay braid B over braid A on the other part and fix it too. Some hairspray to fix the look and ready is your beautiful, casual day-hairdo which matches perfectly a Dirndl too.


The Updo


This hairstyle is a bit more time-consuming and sophisticated than the two others, but with some time and effort doable for beginners too. Part your hair in the middle, forming a clean line from your forehead all the way down to the back of your neck. Braid the two parts the traditional way – start with three smaller strands and keep on adding small strands from left and right to make sure the braid sits close at your head. Once the braids are done, fix them with a transparent elastic and lose them thoroughly.

Now comes the more difficult part: wrap the braids loosely around each other according to length and volume and fix them with bobby pins on the lower part of the back of your head. Most probably you need several trials to find out how it works best for your hair. Make sure that the bobby pins and hair needles are invisible and fix your braids thoroughly to avoid them to drop out.

The elegant hairstyle is most popular for festive events. If you prefer a more casual look, you can loosen some strands around the forehead. The updo requires lots of hairspray for the hold. Insider tip: the use of a curling iron before starting is highly recommended to provide more volume to your individual updo!

Translation: Danielle De Bie

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