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Step by Step: Angelina Kirsch’s Natural Look

Hair and makeup inspired by Angelina Kirsch – we’re revealing how to imitate the curvy model’s look just in a few steps.

Curvy Supermodel’s jury member Angelina Kirsch always looks stunning. We’ve been asking her hair and makeup artist, Max Roman, how to imitate her looks just in a few steps. Let’s start with the natural look Angelina Kirsch had chosen for the castings.




Step 1:

For a natural makeup look, apply a lightly tinted day creme on your skin. Redness and dark blemishes under the eyes are covered with the helpof a concealer. This makes the skin look smooth and even in no time.


Step 2:

The eyebrows are both filled with an adequate brow powder and formed with an eyebrow brush – this provides volume and makes the brows look fuller.


Step 3:

Apply a softly shimmering cream eyeshadow on your eyelid. Use mascara to highlight your eyes.
Max‘ advice: “To maintain a natural look, I use black mascara on the top lashes whereas on the bottom lashes I apply brown mascara.“





Step 4:

For natural lips, Max used lipstick in a soft apricot shade as well as a lipliner of the same colour. The lipliner matches the colour of the skin and therefore provides some more volume to the lips.


Step 5:

The literal highlight comes at the end: bronzer sculpts the face and cream highlighter on cheek bones, lip bow and on the inner eye sets accents.

Tipp von Max:Instead of using a highlighter, you can also rub some lip balm between your fingers and apply it on the desired spots. To keep the makeup fresh on a long shooting day – sometimes we worked until 2 am – I used a minimum of powder. Instead, I kept on misting her face with a moisturizing facial spray“




Max Roman:

Max Roman learned his trade at the prestigious „Beautiful Company“ and at the master school for hairdressers. Ever since he’s been working for clients like Olaz, Marc Cain or Hugo Boss. At the same time, he’s a makeup artist for personalities such as Nadja Auermann, Karolina Kurkova or Uma Thurman. Last but not the least he’s hired for such productions of Cosmopolitan or Germany’s Next Topmodel.


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