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The Best Winter Lipstick Colours

Lipstick colour power against sad and grey winter days!
We show you the most beautiful colours looking good a minus temperatures.


Dark Red Lips

As we all know, red lips are a true classic and don’t get out of fashion in winter. To match the colour with your skin tone, you should opt for a cool, slightly bluish red shade. Bright shades look very elegant, while dark colours are ideal companions for the cocktail hour.



Purple Lips

Especially the light winter complexion makes purple shades look extremely good – they form a beautiful contrast and highlight the lips. Thereby, you can choose between berry shades and brown nuances to match your outfits. The whole colour range provides light and subtle shades as well as dark nuances that are a true statement.



Nude-coloured Lips

A trend that looks as good in summer as in winter is nude coloured lips. They provide a natural look and highlight the elegant winter pallor. Depending on your taste, you may choose between copper shades and light pink nuances.




Cool Colours for Winter

Cool, bluish shades suit winter best. They match as well with the light skin as with the overall winter mood – without looking sad and drab. Never forget to provide your lips with the right care at all times and to remove the lipstick every night. They dry out, otherwise and the lipstick clogs the flaws.

Translation: Danielle De Bie