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The Perfect Sunscreen For Your Hair And Scalp

What’s worse than a sunburn on your scalp?

We are taught from an early age that excessive sunbathing harms the skin and we have to protect ourselves! But what about our hair? As a rule, the thinner and finer the hair, the more sensitive the scalp is. At the vertex the scalp is exposed to UV radiation without protection.

Whether you are on holiday or enjoying the good weather in our latitudes: Sunlight, sweat and wind dry out the hair, make it dull and the hair tips thin. Braided hairstyles offer less surface to attack by wind and sunlight, hats and cloths protect the hair from moisture loss.


Which product is right for me?

Meanwhile there are fantastic products on the market. I am enthusiastic about what has happened in recent years in the areas of sun protection and after sun in beauty and medicine. If you are outdoors a lot, you should already use UV protection with shampoo and conditioner. Scalp sprays or lotions soothe and protect stressed scalp. Leave-in conditioner and hair oil moisturize and keep hair supple.
If you don’t have any sunscreen product at hand, but your scalp is sensitive: if necessary, apply a little face powder to the crown of your head. The natural mineral filter in the powder represents a natural sun protection factor.


 Hairdresser: Before or after your holiday?

A visit to the hairdresser before your holiday makes sense if your hair is already damaged and the ends have split ends. The hairdresser should cut the tips and possibly take a restorative treatment (e.g. olaplex) so that the hair is more resistant to sun, wind and salt water.
Dyeing just before the holiday is not recommended, as the dyeing itself drains moisture from the hair. In combination with sun and salt or pool water, the hair fades and can also change its colour or even break.


Hair and salt water

Cooling off to the sea and then straight to the sun bed? While the water in the hair evaporates, the salt dissolved in it remains on the hair and scalp and dries it out even more because salt binds moisture. In addition, salt crystals reflect the sun and thus enhance the UV effect. If you want to do something good for your hair and scalp, first wash the salt out of your hair with fresh water. If there is no fresh water shower nearby, simply take a bottle of water and rinse your hair.