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Tips for Dry Skin

Hallo Herbst! Hallo trockene Haut! Wir zeigen dir, was du jetzt gegen strapazierte Haut tun kannst. 

The time has come… slowly but surely, we must wave goodbye to our beloved summer months and look at the cold season. Cold air, wind, rain and sub-zero temperatures aren’t just ugly, they’re also stressing our skin and dehydrate it. Therefore, it’s essential to treat our skin with moisturizing care throughout the fall and winter months. We’ve compiled some valuable tips that will help you to relieve dry skin.


Moisturizing Care

Moisture is essential for a healthy skin. The market offers cremes which have been specifically developed for dry skin. They contain higher water and less oil proportions – they moisture without leaving an oily film on the skin.


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(DIY) Facial Masks

Facial masks are ideal to give your skin an ultimate moisture boost, regardless, whether you prepare it yourself or whether you refer to your favourite brands. Apply generously on your face once a week, and immediately you will feel the difference, your skin feels less tight and looks fresher.

A self-made facial mask doesn’t require more than a few ingredients and 20 mins. of your time.

Here’s a recipe for a DIY facial mask:

  • one-half avocado
  • one-half teaspoon curt cheese
  • one teaspoon honey


Mixing all ingredients with a blender provides an ultra-fine consistency. Apply on your face and let it work for app. 15 minutes. Then, rinse gently with warm water.

The combination of these ingredients treats your skin with valuable oily components (avocado) and, soothes itchy skin parts and redness (curt, honey).

Translation: Danielle De Bie