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Tips for Naturally Beautiful Lips

Our lips are engaged 24/7 every day: they talk, eat, weep and kiss. These tips are your guarantee for soft, smooth and firm lips… naturally beautiful!

There are many tricks for a fresh and healthy appearance. Concealer to cover tired eyes, blush against a pale complexion – what many people neglect are their lips. A rosy lip colour, a light gloss and a smooth texture of perfectly cared lips equal to an optical instant rejuvenation. How it works:

1. Little Rubdown: Natural Peeling

For the natural peeling from the pantry you need: olive oil, honey and sugar. Put these three in a small bowl, mix them well, apply on your lips and rub it gently with your fingers. Rinse with lukewarm water, then follow with the appropriate care.



2. Lip Care with Immediate Beauty Effect

Weleda’s creamy light lip balm with organic shea butter and jojoba oil feels does not stick to the lips and provides a rosy gloss. The light pink shade looks fresh and discreet. It makes stressed lips silky soft and protects them from renewed dehydrating. The care balm in “nude” provides a subtle shimmer and is the ideal companion for women who want some freshness on their lips and a natural look. Natural, by the way: these care balms are made of pure plant oils thus, also suitable for sensitive lips. They are free from animal-based ingredients. On the lips: #Weleda: “Lip care balm“ in “Nude“ , via najoba.de,  ca. 7 Euro.



3. Lip-Yoga for a Firm Mouth

  • Reduces fine lines on the upper lip: press lips firmly together and place the two index fingers at the upper edge of your lips to increase the tension. Hold, then release.
  • Prevents the upper lip to sink: form an “O” with you lips and pull the edges outwards at the same time, just like you’d press a thick kiss on someone’s cheek.



Translation: Danielle De Bie