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TOP 10 Sea Salt Sprays

They’re true texture talents by creating casual beach waves that look like you’d come straight from the beach: salt sprays.

If you’re into undone look and surf girl style you do not come around sea salt sprays. They perfectly suit both, short and long hair and can be applied on wet as well as on dry hair. Applied on wet hair they add more volume, especially to fine hair. Tip: Apply directly at the root and dry. In dry hair knead into the lengths and the tips and your “straight from the beach”-waves are ready.

Our TOP 10 sea salt sprays for the perfect beach look:

#DAVID MALLETT: “Australian Salt Spray”

#JOHN MASTERS ORGANICS: “Sea Mist – Sea Salt Spray with Lavender”

 #HERBIVORE BOTANICALS:  “Sea Mist – Coconut and Sea Salt” 

#MERMAID PERFUME: “Mermaid Hair Sea Spray”

#SCHWARZKOPF:  “OSIS Session Label Salt Spray”


#OGX: “moroccan sea salt spray”

#L:A BRUKET: “No. 157 Sea Salt Spray Cucumber”

#R+CO: “Rockaway Salt Spray”


Translation: Danielle De Bie

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